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Mini Skip - approx 20 black bag

Mini Skip - approx 20 black bag

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Whether it is a one time at home DIY project or your a business that needs a regular service, we have the skip solution to suit.

Why Us

  • You can book online or over the phone
  • We aren’t a broker, so coming direct cuts out the middle man and the associated costs
  • We offer extended hire periods
  • We are fully licensed so you can rest assured we are disposing of your waste in line with the law

Tips and tricks

to make your skip hire run smoothly

  • When picking the place you want your skip dropped, make sure it is safe and secure, whilst on your property, the skip is your responsibility
  • If you have a specific date your skip needs to be collected by, make sure you let us know, sometime we can pre-book a collection date for you.
  • When loading your skip, make sure it is level fill only. Due to the DVSA clamping down on skip companies, our drivers are unable to take any overloads. If you need advice give us a call.
  • When loading your skip, make sure you refer to our prohibited item list
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